Such communities are found above water-level, into South-West edge of the newest Sicani Slopes

Such communities are found above water-level, into South-West edge of the newest Sicani Slopes

19 centenarians (10 female and you can nine men) life style yourself on the five municipalities from Bisacquino, Castronovo, Chiusa Scalafani, Giuliana and you may Prizzi about Western element of Sicily, Italy, was in fact identified towards expose studies. Subjects was in fact individuated by standard therapists as well as their ages featured from inside the the fresh beginning registries. While the a further control, in the interview, style of focus is paid on concordance between stated decades and personal chronologies (chronilogical age of marriage as well as military service for males, age very first and you will past pregnancy for women, ages of children, yet others). The newest victims undergone an actual physical examination and an early morning accelerated bloodstream venous attempt is gotten for reading blood chemistry parameters. Anthropometric strategies integrated top, weight, and the body size index (BMI) [pounds (kg)/top (m2)]. Additionally, the newest Micro Health Evaluation (MNA), Earliest Factors out of Everyday living (ADL) plus the Important Affairs out-of Everyday living (IADL) was indeed administrated. ADL and IADL was indeed assessed by the interviewing people in addition to their caregivers [thirteen, 14]. Actual circumstances (meal providing, bowel and you can kidney continence, position element, the total amount away from standard things, baths and putting on a costume overall performance), sensory issues (auditory acuity and you will vision) and you may intellectual results (comprehension and you may self-expression) have been within the ADL. For each items is actually categorized towards five kinds of care about-sufficiency: totally independent, independent but slow, independent that have challenge, partly mainly based and you may entirely based, having fun with a point score out of twelve to one, respectively.

The analysis is actually approved by regional College or university Health Stability Panel; the point and procedures of the studies was indeed explained to the subjects, and you can informed and created agree is extracted from the participants or caregivers.

Overall performance

Dining table step one portrays brand new frequency regarding centenarians inside the Italy along with the analysis town; you will find identified 19 centenarian, ten lady and you may nine guys certainly a people regarding 18,327 population. Here new centenarian matter is 4.32-flex higher than the new national mediocre ( compared to. dos.4/10,000). It is notable that the male centenarian count was -fold more than the brand new national average ( compared to. 0.,000). Female/male ratio are 1.1:one in the analysis area, because federal proportion are cuatro.54:1.

All the centenarians live-in a household home, mainly and their loved ones. Individual ADL and you may IADL scores was basically regarding the category of moderately independent for both sexes. An effective anamnesis on one individual advertised a poor auditory acuity and you will bad vision, because they was basically without cardiac cardiovascular illnesses, significant intellectual disability, big bodily disability, clinically obvious cancer tumors or renal insufficiency.

In the Figure step 1, MNA analogy administrated to healthy centenarian is shown , whereas Figure dos account a consistent daily diet. Centenarians hired within these city tended to getting in person productive, non-over weight, short during the stature, with a routine Body mass index (23.6 ± step 3.1), effective of some amount of calorie restriction with a high intake out of regular bush as well as lowest animal meat consumption. Their diet plan suggests a minimal glycemic index since the reasonable of understated carb (zero white money, reasonable number of pasta, no sweeteners, sweet products, is restaurants, suspended already wishing make or delicacies, cookies cakes otherwise dinners). Also, he has got an excellent consumption regarding olive and you will virgin organic olive oil of other cultivar namely: Nocellara from Belice, Biancolilla, Giarraffa and you can Ogliarola one seems to have crucial anti-oxidant features (unpublished investigation). During the Shape 3, Bmi and you may MNA try plotted together exhibiting the best conformity ranging from nutrition and the entire body size index.


In the Italy this present year the populace aged a hundred age and you will more than keeps fourteen thousand devices, and therefore the fresh centenarian frequency try dos.4/. Currently there are almost five centenarian lady for just one kid. Although not, during the Italy there clearly was a northern to help you Southern area gradient from the female/male ratio inside the centenarians . To achieve understanding of the brand new character regarding gender and you may environment, i’ve become a demographic study within the Sicily demonstrating one inside mountain zones regarding Sicily there’s an area from men toughness with the same keeps to the people utilized in Sardinia, throughout the thus-called Blue Area [eleven, a dozen, 16]. In the two cases the newest municipalities worried don’t become polluted section and they are small, into reasonable level of populace. For this reason, durability is more commonplace for the men surviving in a small city, without pollution, more than likely due to other working standards, other life we.age. reduced puffing and you can alcohol abuse and you can Mediterranean eating plan. Accordingly, these two areas from inside the Sicily and also in Sardinia along with display lowest death off disease and you will aerobic disorder [11, 16–18].